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Ardcairnie’s oldest cow – and our pet – W450 – died last month.  She was a bit arthritic but doggedly followed the mob.

Born out of our usual calving time in late 2000, and from a dam we couldn’t find, Jim became her dam!  He gave her a degree of affection to compensate for her not having a bovine Mum in attendance, and she returned that gesture throughout her life, leaving many happy memories for the whole family.  Our five grandchildren were able to be close and comfortable with her for pats and cuddles.  She was also befriended by most of our vet students and many friends.

On one memorable occasion, W450 walked through the mob who were reluctant to follow Jim through an already grazed paddock to their new one.  She displayed confidence in her benefactor and led the mob through the paddock until they all realised Jim’s intent.  Then they all charged past him and W450, leaving them to wander in in their own good time.

One morning a few years ago, W450, heavily pregnant, was standing by the gate leading to the southern paddocks where the mob of calving cows were, obviously not wanting to be in there. Jim let her into the paddock beside the house and some days later, ended up helping her calf to emerge.  He took it round to her head, expecting W450 to rise but she stayed put.  An examination found another calf coming breech, so he was successfully pulled out and taken round to join his sister at W450’s head.  She stopped licking the first calf long enough to lick Jim’s hand as though saying “Thanks, Boss”.  How did he know she needed help?  An unsolveable mystery.

This photo is of her with her last calf – she danced to her own tune mating-wise – born 3rd January 2018.

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