Our Partners

Our Partners

We are fortunate to work with a number of organisations and individuals who we very much consider to be “partners” in our operations. 

We have forged strong working relationships that are mutually beneficial to both us and those we work with. We could not do what we alone and much of the way we work now – from the equipment we use to the how we manage the day to day operations – is as a result of the relationships we have built over our many years in the industry.  We willingly share this information in the hope that others will also benefit.

Angus Society of Australia

As an Angus stud, we have been members of the Angus Society of Australia since the mid 1980’s and value the staff members there who provide technical expertise, keep us up-to-date with genetic information, develop additional EBVs and $Indexes and always available to answer queries we have.  Through the Society, we access testing for sire/dam verification, genetic condition and BVDV status of our animals to ensure accurate information for us and, more importantly, for our clients.


BREEDPLAN, developed by the Animal Breeding and Research Institute (ABRI) at University of New England in Armidale NSW, is a modern genetic evaluation system for beef cattle breeders.

We embraced the use of Angus Group Breedplan from its early days giving Estimated Breeding Values and $Indexes for all animals.  This objective data is valued, used to progress our breeding objectives, and to benchmark our cattle against the national herd. Breedplan gives our clients a tool to assist their selection of our sale animals.

Murdoch University

Since 2008 we have participated in the Extramural Farm Experience scheme run by Murdoch University for the Veterinary and Animal Science students. As farm hosts, Murdoch Vet School invites us to attend the Registration Day each year with the graduating students.  At the 2017 event, we noticed a distinct lack of awards for anything bovine so after a great deal of thought, the Ardcairnie Angus Bovine Award came into being for the 2018 day. The award continues to be offered for 2019 and 2020.

Elders (and Others)

Since we arrived in Western Australia in 1973, Elders have been our main stock agent both in Mt Barker and in Kojonup.  We choose to run our annual bull sale in a different way to most other bull sales; Elders have supported this with excellent co-operation, resulting in happy vendors.

Other stock firms are part of Team McGregor, especially Primaries, who have also been very strong buyers of our stock.

Kojonup Vet Hospital

We have always regarded the veterinary profession as an essential part of our farming team.  Dr Kate Clayton at the Kojonup (and Katanning) veterinary hospitals provide an excellent service when needed in the field; Kate does our semen testing each year for the potential sale and keeper bulls.  Retaining our J-BAS 8 status is crucial for us and endorsement by our vet is part of that process (signing off on the Maybenup/Ardcairnie Angus Biosecurity Plan as well as undertaking the triennial faecal testing.

Zoetis and Other Companies

A vaccination regime has been part of our cattle breeding almost from the start to protect the humans as well as the bovine members of Ardcairnie Angus Stud.  The two young mobs have the double vaccinations – Ultravac 7 in 1 and Pestigard for the heifers and Ultravac 7 in 1, Vibrovax and Pestigard for the bulls.  The heifers and the cows are given an annual booster of Ultravac; the sale and keeper bulls the three vaccines.as a booster before sale day.  As we are to all intents and purposes BVDV free, the booster vaccination of Pestigard for the sale bulls is to ensure their safety in their new homes.  We value the relationship with our local Zoetis representatives

Holistic Management Decision Making

Undertaking the Holistic Management course in the early 1990’s introduced us to a new way of thinking and decision making as well as the planned grazing system we use on Maybenup.  It has also introduced us to many people with the ability to think outside the square and share these ideas; we value contact with them several times a year.

The Holistic Management Decision Making process was pioneered and developed by Allan Savory.

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The Ardcairnie Angus stud has moved to Guilderton, north of Perth.  The remaining 2021 sale bulls have been re-located to Wokalup, near Harvey.  Inspections can be arranged by contacting us.

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