May calving update

R42 Son of Yon Full Force

Mid-April to early July is calving time on Maybenup. The heifers start three weeks before the main cow mob to give these youngsters that wee bit extra time to have their calf, feed it, keep growing themselves and are fit enough to fall pregnant again.  There’s been (as usual) a couple of hiccups and there’s one ‘pet’ calf being fed day and evening.

A Fixed Time AI Program is done on the first calvers and the 70 are all due on 6th May. Luckily, things like ‘Days to Calving’ and ‘Gestation Length’ EBVs in the negatives ensures many arrive before the date – in fact nearly half have calved by 4th May.

New sires of calves appearing this year include Yon Full Force (including R42 – a bull calf pictured here), Exar Monumental, Musgrove Mediator, Bush’s Wind Chill, Musgrave Stunner, Baldridge 38 Special and Bruin Torque.

After a very dry summer which extended into the first two months of our autumn, there was a welcome 8mm of rain today (4th May) with the promise of more to come this week. Water supplies are being very carefully monitored to ensue each mob has access to what they need.

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