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There’s such a lot of information available on the world wide web – overwhelming at times but there are some gems.

Google ‘A Convenient Untruth’ and you will find an article published in “The Land”, an occasional magazine about land rights, Issue 24.  While you can read it on-line, you can also print off a pdf version if (like Pam) you like to read information and opinion on paper.  This article challenges the science that says our ruminant animals are contributing to the rise in greenhouse gases though it doesn’t cover the essential contribution our cattle and sheep can and do make to the health of the world’s grasslands.

Into your search engine, type in and that will take you to an article by Pat Thomas originally printed in the Spring 2019 (Volume 4, Issue 2) of Sustainable Farming Magazine.  The author exposes the faulty logic behind fake meat.

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