Bulls, Heifers and a Pet Calf!

Pet calf in orchard

The cattle are all looking well so supplementary feeding has stopped apart from a little hay for the cow AI mob.  There’s one ‘pet’ calf who is currently grazing the fenced orchard.  That’s her in the photo enjoying her morning (and afternoon) milk and pellets.

The last four bulls have all been sold – one to a repeat buyer, one other to a new buyer just south of here and two to a new buyer from station country so these two bulls will have a big change of environment.  It will be interesting to hear how they go over the next few months.

We mated 100 heifers in their AI programme (three weeks on visual) and they joined the three bull mobs.  Dr Enoch Bergman from Swans Vets in Esperance came and AI’d 87 first calvers on 30th July then the entire cow calf mob was split into an AI mob and seven bull mobs; that AI is three weeks on visual too and is due to finish on 24th August when they will join the seven bull mobs.

So ten bull mobs are working their way round their cells; there has been rain to keep the grass growing well in spite of some cold winds, but water levels in dams remain a concern – it is still winter though so hopefully more rain soon.

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