2021 Bull Sale Team Update


Withdrawals from a sale catalogue are not unusual and Ardcairnie Angus is no exception.  At this stage, 26th January 2021, there are seven withdrawals from the 61 bulls catalogued.  One is a permanent withdrawal, Lot 55/Q282, as he is a carrier for one of the genetic conditions for which Angus Australia has tests.  Not using or selling carriers has long been the policy of Ardcairnie Angus.

There are four other lots that have a percentage possibility of passing on the condition; these are being tested with results due hopefully by the end of February.  Please watch the webpage for updates. The four are Lot 21/Q96; Lot 22/Q97; Lot 33/Q144; Lot 60/Q314.

As you know, we semen test and morphology assess every bull.  Two of them haven’t had satisfactory results yet so they are temporarily withdrawn too, pending retests and assessment.  Both probably need a bit more time (or be in with a few heifers for a few days which we don’t have!) but we will retest in a few weeks.  Again, watch this webpage for updates.  The two are Lot 2/Q16 and Lot 58/Q301.

All the sale bulls are looking well (though we could be biased!); they are having a small feed of pellets each morning, as per our usual ‘keep them ticking along’ strategy as we sell bulls in fit, not fat condition so they are ready to work and should have a longer more productive life.  Most of their tummy fill each day comes from the dried grass in the paddocks – it’s essential to maintain their foraging ability.

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The Ardcairnie Angus stud has moved to Guilderton, north of Perth.  The remaining 2021 sale bulls have been re-located to Wokalup, near Harvey.  Inspections can be arranged by contacting us.

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