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2020 Bull Sale

The forecast heatwave was tempered by a cool wind. If you were here, thank you for attending – we enjoy catching up with lots of our friends on sale day – even if it is briefly! For us as vendors, the support you give us by attending is appreciated.

To those who registered – thank you for that interest. If you were a buyer – we appreciate and thank you for your confidence in our stock and for your support. As always, we hope that your purchase(s) will settle down in their new environments, live up to your expectations and do the job required! To the under-bidders, thank you most sincerely for that support.

Sale summary

We catalogued 61 bulls and 58 were penned for sale. There were 33 registrations, 11 buyers during the sale, of which one was a new buyer of Ardcairnie genetics (an old friend from Queensland). During the sale, 16 sold to a top of $10,250 with 5 sold at their catalogue price;
The other 11 sold from $250 to $6,000 more – as always, buyer competition is wonderful for us as vendors!
Seven more sold immediately after the sale to another five buyers, including two new ones. so may not be included in press reports but for us, a total of 23 sold on the day by 16 buyers.

Reducing Catalogue - available for download

The remaining 19 bulls are available for purchase at their reserve price.  You can view and download a catalogue of the remaining bulls by clicking on this link.

Sale Information

We neither use or sell any bulls that are not free by pedigree or by test of the four genetic conditions for which Angus Australia has tests. As things keep changing, we regularly check the Angus website to ensure the status of each bull for the four genetic conditions is F (= free by test) or FU (= free by pedigree), and if a bull is not F or FU for each, then we test. All bulls are semen tested and morphology assessed.

We also ear notch test for BVDV, as well as giving initial and booster vaccinations of Ultravac 7 in 1, Vibrovax and Pestigard.

No credit system operates at the Ardcairnie Bull Sale – any issues through the year are dealt with quickly.

Ardcairnie bulls are offered for sale in working condition (probably about Score 3 condition), a philosophy we have retained since Ardcairnie bulls were first offered for sale.  They are ready to work when the buyer needs them to work, with a reasonable chance of performing without breakdowns.  The bulls have been running together in one mob since weaning.

Our herd Ident is WJM so if you would like to examine any of our cattle in more detail than the catalogue shows, just use the Angus Society website  and choose either the 'ANGUS.TECH' or 'DATABASE SEARCH' tab, type in, for example, WJMF96 and you can see his pedigree and his progeny - just keep clicking!  However, there are major changes planned for the end of October to the Angus Tech section of the Angus Australia website and hopefully they will make it even easier to find the information needed.

Ardcairnie's Selling Method

Since Ardcairnie bull sales started, the bulls have been catalogued and penned on sale day in age order, and in a fit not fat condition. Penning them in age order means potential buyers have the chance to compare similar age bulls.

Each bull has a reserve/selling price in the catalogue. On sale day, our Elders auctioneer, Nathan King, will start the sale announcing Lot 1 and asking if anyone is interested.  One person puts up a hand, they buy the bull at that reserve/selling price; two or more and Nathan will auction the Lot starting with the printed price and rising in $250 bids; no-one is interested, Nathan moves on to the next Lot.  Somewhat different, but it works for us and for our clients.

2020 Ardcairnie Angus
on-property bull sale
Tuesday 4 February 2020
Bulls available for inspection
from 10.30am
Sale starts 1pm
Complimentary light lunch

    Please send a catalogue to:

    Photos of some of the 2020 sale bulls

    Here we have photos of some of the 2020 sales team.

    These pictures (along with their numbers) also appear in the Catalogue which can be downloaded above.

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    The Ardcairnie Angus stud has moved to Guilderton, north of Perth.  The remaining 2021 sale bulls have been re-located to Wokalup, near Harvey.  Inspections can be arranged by contacting us.

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