2019 in review


The challenging year that was 2018 continued through into 2019. An early start to rain came in March with an inch, then nearly an inch in April and half an inch in May. June with a bit over two inches, July with an inch and a half and August with a bit over two helped but less than an inch in October, a dribble in November and none in December gave a calendar year total of less than ten and a half inches.

When we came to Maybenup in March of 1998, we were told the average rainfall was 20 inches/year. In the years since then, that total has been exceeded twice, nearly (18 and over) met three times and this year’s total was half an inch more than 2010 (10 inches). As always, it’s not only how much rain falls but when it does, but most livestock farmers in WA at the moment would probably trade the ruin of dry feed for three inches heavy rain to put some water into their dams. But working with what Mother Nature deals out is what farming is about.

Having said that, the cattle have come through looking well; the 2018 born steers were sold in June and smaller destocking sales have taken place, after pregnancy testing and a hard look at some of the cows.

We look forward to a better year in 2020 – farmers are (and have to be) optimists!

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