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News from Ardcairnie Angus 4th June 2018


May 2018 at Maybenup

Feeding of all mobs continued all through May; close to an inch of rain over the last week or so has seen the grass slowly start to grow, but we will still be feeding all mobs for the foreseeable future.


Biodynamic Preparations were sprayed over the land and into the atmosphere on 29th and 30th April; the contents of the three Soil Life shuttles will be sprayed out later than planned – we were waiting on the rain!  Fertiliser has been ordered from Australian Mineral Fertilisers in Tenterden.


That Water pipe

Good friends from Perth needing a country break arrived just after the 44 rolls of pipe so good teamwork and a week of work ensured that all the pipe was laid.  The renovated windmill is working well and tank decisions and installation lie ahead.  Grading of some of the dam catchments will happen when the grader man arrives soon.

Those same friends returned two weeks later having said they thought there was some seeding to be done, so he spent four days on the tractor with our custom made air seeder (6 lines) putting in a mix of annual pasture seed over 80 hectares at the south end of Maybenup.  Priceless having friends like that when feeding takes up such a large part of every day.



Maybenup received 9mms on 23rd April and that’s kept the small germination after March rain happy, with the few perennial plants loving it.  The forecasts ahead are looking a bit lacking in the wet stuff!


Mobs on Maybenup at 4 June 2018

  • One mob of 2016 born bulls being keepers, sold and those still available for purchase.
  • One mob of 2016 born M heifers, all calved (last one this morning!)
  • One mob of pregnant mixed age cows with lots of calves – less than 80 to calve now
  • One mob of 2017 born N bull calves
  • One mob of 2017 born N heifer and a very few steer calves
  • One mob of relaxing herd bulls
  • One very small mob of our two new bulls and the new bull bought in 2016


All the mobs apart from the last two which are set-stocked, are moving round their allocated group of paddocks ensuring that some cover is left on the paddocks.  All the bull mobs, the yearling heifers and the calving heifers have a breakfast of Milne’s Easy Beef pellets every morning; the calving cows have two bales of oaten hay for morning tea or pre-lunch nibble; the calving heifers have one bale of hay for morning tea or pre-lunch – those times depend on how long the calving run takes,



When we are unsure about how the season is progressing (or not!) the yearling steers are the first to sell so 62 steers headed to Mt Barker Saleyards for the 17th May sale.  We have also sold 10 yearling (unmated) heifers to a return client who bought 10 last year – for his young son interested in cattle breeding.  It’s not something we usually do in that we prefer to let the girls grow out a bit before selling them as mated heifers in October but it’s good to encourage youngsters in to the industry.


Clinical Prac for 4th and 5th year vet students

Our local vet. Dr Kate Clayton, is happy to provide clinical experience for vet students; if they have been at Maybenup for Farm Experience, they often stay with us while attending the Kojonup Vet Hospital.  Or if they are friends with someone who has been here, they ask if they can come and stay – one arrived today for two weeks and we look forward to sharing our farming operation with her as well as providing a base while she expands her knowledge and experience in her chosen future profession.





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