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News from Ardcairnie Angus1 October 2017


Mating 2017 for Calving 2018

The pregnant 2016 born heifers should calve between 9th April and 11th June; the cows from 1st May to early July 2018, always give or take a few days either side of those dates.


Pregnancy Testing

The M heifer mob will be pregnancy tested on Tuesday 24th October; the cows on Friday 17th November 2017.


Depending on the results, there will (hopefully) be “surplus to our requirements” pregnancy-tested-in-calf” (PTIC) heifers and cows available after those dates.


If you are interested, please contact us on 0417 942 326 or email


Rainfall and water on Maybenup

After ¼ inch on 2nd September, the next nearly three weeks were dry and still quite chilly.  Between 21st and     September, the clouds dropped lots of bundles on Maybenup (and other places too!!)  so dams have filled somewhat and the pasture is beginning (it’s still rather cold) to react to Springtime!


Mobs on Maybenup at  1st October 2017

  • One mob of 2016 born M bull calves
  • One mob (hopefully all) pregnant of 2016 born M heifers.
  • Seven mobs of mixed age cows and calves, each with a bull
  • One mob of three bulls, relaxing after mating the heifers


Biodynamic Agriculture Australia (BAA)

A good few weeks ago, we received an invitation from BAA to host one of a series of Field Days being planned for a week in WA.  Although we have only been using Biodynamic Preparations since 2015, we said yes, and over three dozen people arrived on Monday 18th September to hear John Hodgkinson and Shane Joyce from BAA share their experiences with biodynamics.


Our BD consultant Deanna Forster from Denmark and John Howard who sprays out the preps also were able to share their knowledge.  In telling our story, Jim mentioned that in addition to BD Preps, we also use Australian Mineral Fertilisers (and representative John Partridge was present) and Soil-Life preparations to build biology in the soil (and Philip Jones from New Tech Ag Services was there too).


Farm maps showing applications of these products and of a range of test results were on display; chromatography results weren’t available but will be soon, so they will be shared the next update.  An excellent and interesting day with much opportunity for listening, networking and kicking the dirt on a couple of paddocks to see some perennial grasses.


One of those contained the yearling heifer mob; being very inquisitive young ladies they gathered round the group; as one gentleman wearing thongs sat amidst the group of people and heifers, one of the heifers gave him a complimentary toe massage!


The following day, we attended the last WA Field Day at Dardanup, firstly visiting the compost making facility at the Bunbury-Harvey Recycling Centre.  It was fascinating to see the initial start off piles of green waste collected from residents’ bins (being somewhat ashamed of the human race and the amount of non-green waste/vegetable peelings in that pile) and council work and see what aeration and water, with a couple of screenings to remove almost every vestige of non-green material, and the application of BD Preps resulting in almost good-enough-to-eat compost.  Recycling on a large scale!


That process is overseen by Louise Edmonds of Intuit Earth who also offers a chromatography service on soil samples.  During the sessions following the recycling facility visit, Louise took us through some details of a workshop she had attended for two weeks to increase her understanding of the chromatography process and analysis (attended by another person present) – a very involved process.  Several people had had soil samples analysed through this chromatography test, included five from us, but the results were not quite complete, so we await the written report in due course.


Again a very interesting day.  There is always something new to learn about, even if not directly applicable to one’s own situation.


Fortieth Anniversary Celebrations:

WISALTS turned 40!  Both Jim and Pam have been involved with the Whittington Interceptor Bank Society since it was formed in 1978 and the 40th celebrations in Aldersyde in the middle of September was a happy day, catching up with friends from the early days as well as the current committee.

Mt Barker Wine Show, or more properly the Wine Show of Western Australia Mt Barker, turns 40 this month since the first wines in modern times were part of the Annual Agricultural Show. (Wines were exhibited there in 1904 and 1906!).  A couple of events – the Exhibitors Lunch and the Awards Dinner – will have special emphasis on this milestone.


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