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Information Gathering:

This time of year is objective information gathering time on Maybenup with pregnancy testing of heifers (completed) and cows (17th November); semen testing for the 2016 (potential keeper and 2017 sale mob) bulls (completed and awaiting morphology assessment results); 600 day weights and scans with the 2016 born heifers and bulls as well as ear notch testing for the bulls; 200 day weights for this year’s calves and Mature Cow Weights for some of their Mums.  Then there’s the subjective assessments as these jobs are done with notes taken of any animals, particularly bulls, that have attributes not suitable for the breeding chain.


Pregnancy Testing

The M heifer mob was pregnancy tested on Tuesday 24th October with 93% pregnant; 42 of the "surplus to our requirements" girls are now in their two new homes.


The cows will be pregnancy tested on Friday 17th November 2017.


Depending on the results, there will (hopefully) be “surplus to our requirements” pregnancy-tested-in-calf” (PTIC) cows available after those dates.


If you are interested, please contact us on 0417 942 326 or email


Rainfall and water on Maybenup for the year to date

January 0; February 75mm; March 20.25mm; April 1mm; May 20.5mm; June 6.5mm; July 85.75mm; August 70mm; September 82.25mm; October 7mm, making a total of 368.25mm (or nearly 15 inches).  A somewhat different and challenging year.


Mobs on Maybenup at  11 November 2017

  • One mob of 2016 born M bull calves
  • One mob of pregnant of 2016 born M heifers.
  • One mob of mixed age cows and calves (hopefully most pregnant!)
  • One mob of relaxing herd bulls.

WA Angus Spring Walk, held in early October, east and north of Albany was an enjoyable weekend visiting a diversity of agricultural operatons, safely transported in a Busy Blue Bus.  The weekend was preceded by the WA Angus Regional Forum presented by Angus Australia CEO Dr Peter Parnell and Angus Australia Breed Development and Extension Manager Andrew Byrne.  Angus Australia’s President Libby Creek and Human Resource Manager Ron Bower also attended the weekend.


Biodynamic Preparations were mixed and sprayed out on Maybenup on 12th and 13th October; some Soil Life on one paddock a few days later.


The Irongate Wagyu Field Day was an interesting and worthwhile day with the focus on Wagyu in the morning, a delicious lunch of salads and Wagyu beef served five different ways and WA Lot Feeders in the afternoon.


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Ardcairnie cows and calves 2016




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