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News from Ardcairnie Angus 10th August 2018


July 2018 at Maybenup

With two and a half inches of rain in July, we were able to ease the feeding regime towards the end of the month.  Some mobs are having the occasional treat depending on which paddock they are in.


Fertiliser Application

75 tonnes of Grow Safe (which contains microbes, from Australian Mineral Fertilisers in Tenterden were spread over 530ha of Maybenup with a good fall of rain after the first 38 tonnes; there’s rain forecast for this week after the 37 tonnes was spread on 28 and 29 June. And the forecast rain did come a couple of days after that 37 tonnes were spread.


That water pipe and the big tank

The tank (54,000 gallons) was duly installed on 4th July and three loads of water carted in to stabilise it.  The water level in the tank is slowly rising and at 7th August, the tank was about 70% full.


Mobs on Maybenup at 10 August 2018

  • Three mobs of N (born 2017) heifers, each with a bull.
  • Seven mobs of cows and calves, each with a bull
  • One mob of cows and calves in the cow AI group
  • One smallish mob of the 2016 born sale bulls and
  • One mob of N (born 2017) bulls.


Vet students

This month we have a returning fourth year student doing clinical prac with our local vet – it is always good to see the students further along their course.  If you are interested in finding out more about the Murdoch Extramural Farm Experience Scheme, please contact Claire McNaughton at Murdoch University, phone (08) 9360 2653, fax (08) 9310 7495 or email  We have been hosting students since number 2008 and have always found it an enjoyable, interesting and worthwhile experience.


Calving 2018

Added to the 98 calves from 100 heifers (98%), there are 263 live calves from 274 cows – seven cows delivered dead calves and four calves died some days/weeks after birth (96%).


Quick Trip

By moving the heifer AI and the Fixed Time AI programs a week or so earlier, and a willing friend to farm-sit, we were able to head to the UK for a week towards the end of July to help two Golden couples celebrate their wedding anniversaries – Jim was best man to his brother in Scotland then three days later, best man to a friend in England.  A great week catching up with some families and friends


Angus Sire Benchmarking Program

We decided to enter one of our 2016 born keeper bulls, Ardcairnie M117, in Cohort 9 of this program.  Farmwest were able to visit mid-July to take some semen from him before he headed out on sire duties at Maybenup – one of the requirements is to send over straws for use in the co-operator herds.  We have just heard that M117 has accepted into the program.

We continue to be happy with the results from Ardcairnie F96 in Cohort 3 (completed) and Ardcairnie J27 in Cohort 6 (data collection continuing).



The heifer AI program was completed on 15 July and that mob added to the three bull mobs.

Dr Enoch Berman visited on 19th July to AI the 91 first calvers in a Fixed Time AI Program; the team of Enoch, our second year vet student and us worked well.

The cow AI program started on 5th August.  The non-AI cows and calves are in seven mobs each in their own grazing cell with one bull per mob.  The AI cows and calves will join them towards the end of this month.

Bulls we are using in the three heifer mobs and the seven cow mobs are by nine different sires: Rennylea Edmund E11, Ardcairnie J67, Booroomooka Genius G120, Matauri Reality, Deer Valley All In, V A R Reserve 1111, Waitaro Pio Federal F73, P A Power Tool and Ardcairnie F96.


400 Day Weights

For the N bulls that happened on 5th July with the help of our vet student; the N heifers were done on 20th June so all that data was then emailed to Breedplan. We do send much information for our stock to Breedplan – birth weights and calving ease; 200, 400 and 600 day weights; scrotal size for the bulls, AI dates where applicable, scanned information on rib and rump and intra-muscular fats and of eye muscle area.



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