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News from Ardcairnie Angus 12th March 2018


Our 2018 bull battery

This was added to on 22nd February at the Blackrock Angus bull sale when Blackrock M17 and M106 were purchased. Both are by Booroomooka Genius G120 providing outcross genetics for our Ardcairnie herd.  Both are settled in a very small mob which includes our pet cow who produced a calf (totally out of season, in January.)  W450 turned 17 last November so we reckon she can dance to her own rhythm!


Female Inventory time:

February is when we scrutinise the 12-month old list of females and advise the Society of those who are still active in the Ardcairnie herd, after all the sold (for breeding or as culls or occasionally missing assumed dead) are removed.

The result of all that checking sees a total of 382 pregnant females, with 365 in the Herd Book Register (HBR), one in the Angus Performance Register (APR) and 16 in the Angus Commercial Register (ACR).  Different fees apply to each register as well as conditions – for example, all male calves born to females in the ACR must be steered before they are six months old.

One fifth of the female herd is seven years of age and older; four fifths six years of age and under.  These old girls are still producing the goods – over 30 of the 88 catalogued sale bulls were from that cohort of ladies.  One of our keeper M bulls is out of ten-year-old Ardcairnie Dianaram D25. (Her first calf was Ardcairnie F96 who has done well in the Third Cohort of the Angus Sire Benchmarking Program.)


The last month at Maybenup

Although some of the bulls bought on sale day left that day or in the next couple of days, many have gone to their new homes since then with only a few left here until their new owners need them.  There have been a couple of debriefing sessions after the bull sale, the main one with the team from Elders Rural, and both sessions have given us some thoughts for changes to consider.

From time to time, there are interesting workshops or visits to attend. One was a very interesting day at the Narrikup farm of Stephen and Kerry Frost.  Stephen founded Australia Mineral Fertilisers at Tenterden and works with nature to increase the resilience and productivity of their land.

Charlie Massy of NSW wrote “Call of the Reed Warbler” to raise awareness of the need – urgent need – for everyone to focus on changing from mechanical agriculture to regenerative agriculture.  This book provides many stories of people doing just that and it was inspiring to attend a day in Williams where Charlie was the lead speaker on “Opportunities in Challenging Times”.  He pointed out that healthy landscapes lead to healthy food which leads to healthy people and planet.  We are now, he said, in the Arthopocene Age – the period during which human activity has been the dominant influence on climate and the environment.  And unfortunately, much of that influence has been negative!  Other speakers that day included Walter Jehne and Maarten Stapper, both advocates for regenerative agriculture.  A book well worth reading and bringing to a wider audience of everyone as we are all affected by what happens to and in our environment.

Visitors to Maybenup on the agricultural side have included Ian Lawry of ActivFert in Queensland – we use his products Soil-Life, Ormenegy, and ActivHunic as part of our “fertilising” on Maybenup.  Our banker also called to review our Assets and Liabilities position – we are still OK according to him!

Time off the farm with family and friends included a visit to Mt Barker to help celebrate 150 years of the Old Police Station – a happy day with mountains of work done beforehand by the volunteers who maintain the area.


A positive thought: You never make any mistakes; you just have a pile of learning experiences!


LPA, BJD and J-BAS 8

Results just received from the 50 faecal check test samples in the Department pipeline – all samples have shown no evidence of Mycobacterium paratuberculosis, so our J-BAS 8 status is confirmed.  This faecal check test has to be repeated in three years’ time.

Work is continuing on the LPA Farm Biosecurity Plan and we will be discussing this with our vet so that that requirement for retaining J-BAS 8 status is met.



February brought 3mms of the wet stuff!


Mobs on Maybenup at 12 March 2018

  • Two mobs of 2016 born bulls, one the keeper and sold bulls; the other  ones for sale
  • One mob of pregnant 2016 born M heifers
  • One mob of pregnant mixed age cows
  • One mob of 2017 born N bull and steer calves
  • One mob of 2017 born N heifer and steer calves
  • One mob of relaxing herd bulls
  • One very small mob of our two new bulls, one herd bull and a couple of cows and one calf



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