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News from Ardcairnie Angus Sunday 5th May 2019


Mobs on Maybenup at 5th May 2019

  • One mob of N (born 2017) pregnant heifers, almost all calved
  • One mob of pregnant mixed age cows, with most of the M females (born 2016) having had their second calves and the rest about to begin producing the next generation
  • Two small mobs of herd bulls, including our new bull Coonamble N444
  • One mob of N (born 2017) bulls (the keeper and still for sale mob)
  • One mob of P (born 2018) weaned bull and steer calves
  • one mob of P (born 2018) weaned heifer and steer calves



With 1.5 inches (34mms) in March and less than an inch (22mms) in April, the ‘proper’ break of season has still to come.  There’s some green coming through the dry feed and the perennials are blooming.


Since March 2019 at Maybenup

With that rain in March and April and calving well underway in the two calving paddocks, one bale of oaten hay every second day has been added to the first calving mob.  The cows now have two bales one day and one bale the next as well as their minerals.  The two young mobs are still receiving pellets too which keeps them growing through their first summer/autumn.

We attended the WA Livestock Research Council meeting in Kojonup – always interesting to hear (and contribute to) ideas our industry would like MLA to use our dollars on to improve the red meat industry.

Autumn is when we spread biodynamic preparations pn out soil and into the atmosphere on Maybenup and that happened mid-April.  We’ve also mixed up three shuttles of Activ Fert which will be spread out over Maybenup in June.

Some sold bulls left for their new homes; ten unmated heifers went to their new home too. (We don’t usually sell this class of stock but have for the last three years to help a young man start his own commercial herd (under the watchful eye of his Dad).  There have been enquiries from potential bull buyers through the last two months and as mating starts in earnest in southern WA, accidents can happen and bulls are required – there are still 19 bulls available at 5th May 2019 with a range of sires for diversity.  (See the Bull page for more details.)  One new buyer bought a couple over the phone being tied up with a horticultural crop harvest at the time – lovely to see than confidence in our stock.

Visitors from Scotland and Tasmania brought news of goings on in their parts of the world and added to lunches at Gilbert Wines and Manjimup, as well as meals at Maybenup, helped ensure a good work/life balance.

Jim played the pipes for the annual ANZAC parade in Kojonup last month. That morning is always a wonderful and thought-provoking commemoration of our Australian and New Zealand service personnel.  Our Kojonup community has many Kiwis so both national anthems were sung and both flags raised and lowered.




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