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Extramural Farm Experience (EFE) Scheme for Murdoch University Veterinary and Animal Science Students


From Jim and Pam: In late 2007, farming friends already in the scheme suggested we might like to participate in the Extramural Farm Experience scheme run by Murdoch University for their Veterinary and Animal Science students.


We enjoy sharing what we do, so signed up for one student for one week during June 2008, when we are calving.  And what a thrill to see her and another of "our" students feature in the Vet School series on ABC television in July / August 2013.


Murdoch students with some of our quiet cattle...Murdoch students with some of our quiet cattle...Just finished feeding out to the cow mob, December 2015Murdoch students with some of our quiet cattle...We very much enjoyed that experience have continued each year to offer our operation for the EFE.  To the end of 2016, we’ve hosted 33 students and look forward to meeting more in 2017.


Our first 2017 vet student came in April for a week and was a lass from a WA farm, one of the few if not the first from a farm.  In July our 35th student came for two weeks, and again was a WA farm girl. Two more students, the first a Vet student, the second studying Animal Science, come for two weeks each from late November through to 22nd December.


If you are interested in finding out more about the Murdoch Extramural Farm  Experience Scheme, please contact Claire McNaughton at Murdoch University, phone (08) 9360 2653, fax (08) 9310 7495 or email


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