Smooth Move

Feeding Time

Grass and Beetles

40 Years in WA

Our Quiet Cattle


Various cattle shots - Ardcairnie 2013




Smooth Move Trough

The smooth move trough is designed as an easily moved trough for grazing rotations.


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Feeding time...

During the dry months we supplement the dry feed with pellets delivered in troughs that can be moved easily to new locations.


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Perennial grasses and dung beetles

We have a strong belief in establishing and maintaining perennials in as many paddocks as we can.  Dung beetles are a very important part of our ecology.


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40 Years in WA

2013 sees the 40th anniversary of the McGregor family arriving in WA, Jim in August 1973, Pam and the boys in November.


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Ardcairnie's Quiet Cattle


Going into second year Murdoch vet student Lauren with the mob of our pregnant cows.


Lauren had not had much experience of beef cattle before her week with us; we said we had quiet cattle BUT that it was always important to be aware of them and their possible actions.


Her confidence grew through the week and these slides perhaps prove that.


Ardcairnie culls for temperament for a whole range of reasons but always remains aware of potential danger – cattle are a lot bigger and heavier than humans!



Drilling on Ardcairnie 2014


Water supply when you are a stock farm (especially cattle – they drink 10 gallons/day) and with very little run-off last year (thank heavens for the four inches in September!), we decided to check out underground possibilities.


Two bores are equipped with submersible pumps powered by a fixed solar array.


Winter 2014 Update


The north one comfortably (so far except when there is no sun at all) supplied its good quality water for the mob of 160 yearling heifers in the late summer/early autumn, and continues to do so as required this winter.


The south end one was shandied with water from the close-by dam in the tank half a kilometre away when the cow mob moved into those paddocks in the autumn and is working again with a couple of mobs of cows/calves and a bull in the southern paddocks through this winter period.




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