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Ardcairnie Bulls at Benalong Grazing

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Jim and Pam always enjoy feedback from clients, especially perhaps when it is positive!


The following email came on 28th September from David Roe, Benalong Grazing, Gingin, with photos of Ardcairnie B150 and Ardcairnie B217.


David said:


"Took two B Ardcairnie Bulls out of cows today after their 6th mating. Great endorsement for the preparation given to your bulls. The 2 G Bulls still going well as well, keep up the good work."


David bought the two B bulls at our sale in 2008; the G ones this year.  In conversation, he said that other bulls he has bought from Ardcairnie have been used for four and five matings.  For those of you who don't know, Ardcairnie bulls are sold in fit not fat condition, ready to work and they obviously last for clients as well as at Ardcairnie.  (Some years ago, there was a phone call from a buyer saying that he'd bought an Ardcairnie bull eight years ago and thought he needed another one!)


Thank you, David!

From the sale yards:


On 14th January, Jim and Pam attended an Elders Breeder Sale in Mt Barker as several clients were selling PTIC females.  Many of the pens had the stud name of the bull supplier put up by the agents.  Pam asked one of our clients, Mr Tom Cyster from Denmark, if that was a problem.  His comment: “Not at all, I’m proud to say they are Ardcairnie blood.” Thanks, Tom!


Comments on our newsletters and catalogue from readers who prefer to remain anonymous:



“I always have a quick read of the newsletter.  It is a great way, and relative cheap effective way to keep in touch and keep the brand name rolling.  ALSO I like the simple format, brief and now by email or to some via post.

I, personally , do not get carried away by the expensive, glossy pages of a news letter, usually worry about the waste, as a newsletter usually gets read once, occasionally saved, but usually heads to the recycle bin or fire.”  From an Angus Eastern State Enthusiast!



“Your catalogue is a credit you.  It is simple, clear and free of crap.  I’ll bet you never dreamt five years ago that you would be able to put together a list of bulls with such balanced figures right across the board.  Congratulations, it is a credit to you for perseverance and dedication.  The pedigrees are littered with performance genetics and support for programs like the Young Sire Program and your own search for suitable sires.  I hope that the sale goes well for you  and look forward to hearing about the results.”  From a recipient of our 2014 sale catalogue.


From Ian and Rosemary King of Albany in April this year before they set off on an extended trip:


"I still remember the day I went to your yards, on your property, to see three prospective Bulls that Jim had yarded for my inspection.  After a good look I went to my first choice, namely Z163, and from that moment I was impressed, beyond belief!


Temperament, Coat, Back, Attitude, Eye, Brisket and Rump - every aspect superb! Quiet, easily moved (thank heavens for the bucket) and very inquisitive and when handled, by either my wife or myself - he was the perfect gentleman, never required driving. Ten years of action, none required pulling, a great specimen of a well bred Angus Bull.


It was in reality of having to part company with our Mr Mac was like a loss to our family unit. Late 2016/Early 2017 we will be re-visiting Jim & Pam at Ardcairnie, Kojonup and acquiring another Bull. The order will be simple - another one just like Z163!"


From Mike and Donna Twentyman at Kalgan: 


Mike advised us this month of a first for him when one of our five year old bulls (third mating) over 40 Angus third calvers had 100% back in calf!  Mike added that he still has four Ardcairnie bulls working for them.


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