Koojan Hills Reality K46, purchased in February 2016 from Lew Smit at his final  Koojan Hills bull sale.
Reality has 7 sons in the 2019 Ardcairnie Bull Sale!

After Our 2019 Bull Sale


Six are still available if you have a disaster before you finish mating. Sires are Mar Innovation 251 (1), Ardcairnie F96 (1), Thomas Up River (1), VAR Generation 2100 (2), Ardcairnie H10 (1), Ardcairnie H35 (1), Ardcairnie H33 (1) so still a wide range of bloodlines in those five sire lines to choose from.


We continue to say that in searching for potential herd sires for Ardcairnie in a number of sale catalogues this year, it became obvious that we needed to look quite deeply into the individual EBVs once we found a bull with attractive (to us) $Indexes.  High $Indexes need not indicate the balance of traits we might be looking for.  For example, bulls with high BW, growth and MCW can have low SS and EMA, but very high IMF.  Examination of the entire data set available for each bull is important when you are looking for that well-balanced bull suitable for your breeding program and your end market.  If you need to correct as aspect of your herd’s performance, then extremely high EBVs for that issue can be helpful.  It is still very important to make sure you don’t upset what you may have already gained in your breeding program.  And the bull needs to “fill your eye” too!


All these are sire verified, are free by test or pedigree of the four genetic conditions we can test for in the Angus breed (AM, NH, DD and CA); we are J-BAS 8 accredited.


For the Reducing Catalogue click here.


Please contact us if you’d like to come and see these bulls – ring 0417 942 326 or email maybenup@bigpond.com


Looking forward:

Checking of the 2018 born bull mob continues and will continue through to final decisions about which ones to keep and which ones to catalogue for our annual bull sale; any not in those two categories after the 600 day weights are taken and the results evaluated are culled.


Sale day 2020 is Tuesday 4th February (assuming our usual date of the Tuesday before the first Friday in February) at Maybenup, 22327 Albany Highway, Kojonup.


For your further information:

We neither use or sell any bulls that are not free by pedigree or by test of the four genetic conditions for which Angus Australia has tests. As things keep changing, we regularly check the Angus website to ensure the status of each bull for the four genetic conditions is F (= free by test) or FU (= free by pedigree), and if a bull is not F or FU for each, then we test.


We also ear notch test for BVDV, as well as giving initial and booster vaccinations of Ultravac 7 in 1, Vibrovax and Pestigard.


No credit system operates at the Ardcairnie Bull Sale – any issues through the year are dealt with quickly.


Ardcairnie bulls are offered for sale in working condition (probably about Score 3 condition), a philosophy we have retained since Ardcairnie bulls were first offered for sale.  They are ready to work when the buyer needs them to work, with a reasonable chance of performing without breakdowns.  The bulls have been running together in one mob since weaning.


Mustering our cattle on Maybenup is sometimes done on foot, sometimes that and a ute, occasionally a quad.  Often moving to the next paddock is done by opening the gate and calling them up.  We do not use horses or two wheel motor bikes.


Our herd Ident is WJM so if you would like to examine any of our cattle in more detail than the catalogue shows, just use the Angus Society Website  and choose either the 'ANGUS.TECH' or 'DATABASE SEARCH' tab, type in, for example, WJMF96 and you can see his pedigree and his progeny - just keep clicking!  However, there are major changes planned for the end of October to the Angus Tech section of the Angus Australia website and hopefully they will make it even easier to find the information needed.


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