Koojan Hills Reality K46, purchased February 2016 from Lew Smit at his final
Koojan Hills bull sale.
No sons in the 2017 Ardcairnie Bull Sale but watch the catalogue for the 2018 event!

2018 Bull Sale


Our 2018 Ardcairnie Bull Sale will be held on Tuesday 30th January (holding to our long-established date of the Tuesday before the first Friday in February).


There are currently over 100 2016-born bulls in the mob for the 2018 bull sale, and they are looking a good even lot.  (That could be a biased view-point but one visitor stated that, given the fact that we use a large number of sires (by AI, bought and home bred), he was amazed at the evenness of the 2016 born mobs – both bulls and heifers.  We do use a program called "MateSel" to help plan our mating program looking for a balanced outcome and are very happy with the results over the last three seasons.


Sires –  of these young bulls include Ardrossan Justice J93, Rennylea Edmund E11, Esslemont Bartel E7, Matauri Reality 839, Rito 12E7, Millwillah Gatsby G279, Sydgen Black Pearl 2006, MAR Innovation 251, G A R Objective 7125, Prime Juggernaut J15, Karoo D145 Generator G220, Deer Valley All In 2138, Ardrossan Honour H255, Thomas Up River 1614, as well as many of our home-bred bulls.


Planning for this year to undertake the semen testing regime a month earlier so that we can do any re-testing required in time for catalogue preparation and posting in early January 2018 so that, barring accidents, all bulls catalogued will be available for sale on the day.  We are very much aware that potential buyers coming to our sale have been disappointed when there are withdrawals on sale day, so we are taking steps this year to minimise that.


It‘s perhaps worth repeating: we neither use or sell any bulls that are not free by pedigree or by test of the four genetic conditions for which Angus Australia has tests. As things keep changing, we regularly check the Angus website to ensure the status of each bull for the four genetic conditions is F (= free by test) or FU (= free by pedigree), and if it is not, then we will test.


Ardcairnie bulls are offered for sale in working condition (probably about Score 3 condition), a philosophy we have retained since Ardcairnie bulls were first offered for sale.  They are ready to work when the buyer needs them to work, with a reasonable chance of performing without breakdowns, and no credit system operates at the Ardcairnie Bull Sale.


Our herd Ident is WJM so if you would like to examine any of our cattle in more detail than the catalogue shows, just use the Angus Society web page Animal Search tab, type in, for example, WJMF250 and you can see his pedigree and his progeny - just keep clicking!


We enjoy visitors so just ring 0417 942 326 to arrange a convenient time if you’d like to see what we do, or see the bull mob as they are just now.


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