2012 born heifers, July 2013

Ardcairnie Breeding Policy


In recent years Ardcairnie has focused on achieving a good balance of EBV's in each generation of calves by "corrective mating" using a number of A.I. bulls and their own sires to complement the females EBV's. Jim and Pam believe they are achieving this, as the EBV's in the sale catalogue will show most of the EBV's are at or above Breed Average. The 2012 sale team was the most even line presented for purchase by Ardcairnie and  subsequent  sale and keeper teams have continued that evenness, even with over 20 different AI and home bred sires.  We have used the Matesel program to assist in mating selections, aiming for balanced outcomes and focusing on the Angus Breeding Index.


The stud herd is run with the commercial herd, except at mating time, when the A.I. program dictates separation. Culling is done when animals have bad structure and type, and for unsatisfactory temperament, as well as for EBV's that the McGregor's feel are sub-optimal in breeding sires. EBV's  are used to improve aspects of beef production that lead to better eating quality, as well as an efficient economic farming operation.


Females are pregnancy tested following mating, and any failing that test are sold for meat, either direct to an abattoir or through the saleyards with appropriate documentation disclosure.  Any surplus pregnant females are sold for breeding.


We have a long held belief that the "salvation" of the beef industry will be from animals bred to achieve the highest eating quality meat and so wholeheartedly supported the introduction of Meat Standards Australia (MSA) in Western Australia in March 2001.  Ardcairnie is MSA Accredited.


We are convinced that the sensible use of Breedplan information, which must be allied to visual assessment, assists and complements our breeding objectives for both the stud and commercial herds.  Ardcairnie bulls are bred:


1. for the production of replacement females for our own herd, and those of the bull buying clients;

2. to meet specifications for the top end of the carcase market; and

3. for the production of bulls to cater for these two areas at reasonable cost to clients.


For more information on Breedplan please visit the website by following this link: Breedplan

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