Weighing a new calf, July 2013

About Ardcairnie Angus


The breeding operation with currently 380 stud and commercial cows and heifers, producing bulls for our herd and for our annual on farm bull sale. Ardcairnie Angus also sells Pregnancy-Tested-In-Calf heifers and cows when surplus to their own requirements as well as steers.  In 2014 there were 372 breeders calving from mid-April to July.


All the females in the breeding herds are registered with the Angus Society of Australia in the Herd Book Register (HBR), the Angus Performance Register (APR) and the Angus Commercial Register (ACR).


All females are in Angus Group Breedplan which gives Estimated Breeding Values (EBV's) and $Index values for all females and their progeny to add to Jim's assessment of structure and temperament.


We value this objective data to progress their breeding programme. Breedplan is another tool that breeders can use to improve the genetic potential of their herds, and to benchmark their cattle against others in the national herd.


However, structure, and temperament are equally important in breeding selection! BUT emphasis is placed on the use of Breedplan as it allows genetic progress to be gauged. We don’t only want to produce good-looking cattle - they want to keep improving their genetic, and especially profit driving, traits in our herd.  At this stage Ardcairnie Angus are not measuring for temperament or structural EBVs.  Jim constantly observes all the cattle and any animal with unacceptable temperament or structure is culled.


Female Inventory 2016


The 2016 Autumn Inventory was completed and sent to the Angus Society by the due date of 28 February.  Of the  389 on the Inventory, there are 364 Herd Book Register (HBR), 1 Angus Performance Register (APR) and 24  Angus Commercial Register (ACR).


By ages, there is 2 x W (born 2001), 3 x Z (2004), 5 x A (2005), 6 x B (2006), 19 x C (2007), 25 x D (2008), 44 x E (2009), 41 x F (2010), 31 x G (2011), 48 x H (2012) 73 J (born 2013) and 92 x K (2014) so 73% (285) of the Ardcairnie herd  are six years old or less.


Females are culled if they are not pregnant at pregnancy testing, or if they fail to have a calf.  (Industry average, according to our preg tester, is that 2% of females detected pregnant at test time will not calve.

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